• One man taking a picture of another man who is holding a trophy sized trout along the banks of the North Fork of the South Platte, near Bailey.

    Private Ranch Trophy Fly Fishing

  • A woman holds and peers at a healthy looking common carp on the flats of a Colorado reservoir, with fly rod in lap.

    Fly Fishing For Carp In Denver

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Welcome to Galvin Guiding, your connection to outstanding guided fly fishing based in Denver, Colorado. Let our guide service show you the beautiful trout rivers and lakes the state has to offer!

Galvin Guiding is a group of like-minded professional fly fishing guides who focus on exceptional, personalized service while treating you like family.  Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned veteran, the talented guides have patience, local knowledge, and technical expertise to help you get the most from your outing.  We do our best to see fly fishing tours from the perspective of the client and try to tailor the experience to you. Think of us as your fly fishing concierge in Denver, Colorado. We love to share our passion for fly fishing with everyone, and encourage both women and children to join us!  No experience necessary.

For those looking to advance their skills, the guides have competitive fly fishing backgrounds and can teach you the nuances of newer techniques, flies, and rigging. European Nymphing (or simply “euronymphing”) has made a big impact on the sport. We can help break down the equipment, jargon, and techniques of this skill to help you put more trout in the net. Ten foot light action rods are available for you to use with this style.

Fly fishing for trout isn’t just about the rivers of Colorado. Stillwaters (lakes) offer excellent possibilities for anglers looking to catch fish in an uncrowded setting. This style of fishing involves a very different set of skills than used in the river. Stillwater rods and reels are available to use, including a wide variety of fly lines with different sink rates.  Specific flies, retrieves, and other techniques are used to entice stillwater trout.

One of the fastest growing niches of the sport is chasing carp on the fly rod. Both Chris and Mike have invested countless hours on learning this species’ habits and preferences. The waters in and around Denver offer some of the country’s best opportunities for carp. Again, trips include tackle, flies, and expertise to prepare you for this challenge!