Bear Creek Fly Fishing

Originating in the Mount Evans Wilderness Area, Bear Creek meanders through Evergreen and Morrison, before eventually joining the South Platte River.   Bear Creek is a smaller stream and very easy to wade.  That, combined with eager fish, make it a great place for novices and children to learn to fly fish.  The area we guide sits nestled in a valley and has hiking trails along much of the creek for easy access.

Wild brown trout make up most of the catch, along with the occasional rainbow.   This healthy creek also supports diverse insect life.  Stoneflies, caddis, mayflies, craneflies, midges, and even sowbugs are part of the mix.  It’s not uncommon to see one or more hatches on an outing.

This little creek can also offer plentiful dry fly fishing when conditions are right.  Searching water with a dry-dropper combination can be a fun and productive method on many days.  Otherwise, nymphing and fishing small streamers gets the job done.