Clear Creek Fly Fishing

Clear Creek originates near Continental Divide with flows supported by snowpack at high altitudes along the divide and peaks around it.  The creek flows through Silver Plume, Georgetown, Idaho Springs, and Golden, Colorado along its 66 miles until it reaches the South Platte River on the plains.  The word “creek” in its moniker can be misleading, as it flows much more like a “river” during much of the year.

We concentrate most of our fishing in Clear Creek Canyon between Golden and Idaho Springs.  This section is fairly steep-gradient pocket water.  Plentiful brown trout dominate the mix, but some rainbows, cutthroats, and brook trout will make appearances as well.

With eager, spunky fish, Clear Creek is a great place for novices to experience the sport.  Dry-fly enthusiasts also have a good chance to encounter fish willing to rise to the fly.